Meet the Owners

It all started as an innocent question Mike asked Myron: "Can you teach me how to brew some beer?" Those first batches tasted delicious, and over pints at the Ware's kitchen table the families decided to form a partnership to create Gloucester Brewing Company. The business was established in 2016, and our doors officially opened in the Gloucester Village December of 2018. We love beer. We love Gloucester. It just made sense to bring the two together!

From left to right: Mike Brewer (The Wild Card), Myron Ware (The Brains), Laura Brewer (Voice of Reason)

The Taproom Crew




Manager of Fluid Ops
Favorite Beer: Kolman Kölsch

Emily 1 Square.jpg


Steve Jobs 

Taproom & Webmaster

Favorite Beer: Hills Bay IPA

Big Pete

Blue Collar Psychiatrist


Favorite Beer: Vanilla Porter