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All Hands on Deck at Gloucester Brewing Co.

Back in our building stages, we asked our community for help.

The folks listed in this blog helped Gloucester Brewing Company raising enough funds to build an outdoor deck for you to enjoy a cold one right along Downtown Main Street.

Thanks to all our "Deck Hands" that have supported the Brewery with our fundraiser!

Enjoy what you created!

Craig Talbot (First donor!) THANKS

Our Brewer, Myron enjoying the deck

James Nichols

William Burns

Kelli Brewer Sabiston

Roger Green

Jeff Johnson

Dillon Roane

Erica Price

Angel Jimenez

Chris Sikes

Gail Wilton

Darrin Kast

Jason Klink

John Swisher

Sean Rhodes

Thomas S Johnson

Ryan Babarsky


Jeff Doss

Wade Smith

Samantha Wills George

Kevin Haggerty

Abbey Dodge

Chris Ware (thanks, Bro!)

Caryn Hogg

Terry Burns

John Swisher

Michael E. Hurst

Ellen Neil

Donald Gauthier

Derek Schnitzer

John Botelho

Jamie Elmer

Henry Moore

Sean McNulty

HBI Custom Fabrication

Jay Downing

Emily and David Lundin

Ann Lagonegro (second contribution!)

Gretchen Cantrell

Randy Krahn

Caitlin McGowan

Richard "Danger" Langhorne

David Isbell (Waller Todd Sadler Architects)

Hannah Crittenden

Erica Price

Susan Haley

Ron Schunck

John Jarvis

Max Lindsay

Vinny Schneider

Tamara Priestley

Susan Miller

Taylor Coleman

Jason Waters

Glenn Smith

Anne and Dan Ortiz

Phyllis B Harris

William Caplan

Michele Harrison

Alexa Brasher

Andrew Smith

Ron Schunck (again!)

Richard Feamster (2x Free pint for life!)

Andy Sowell

Ron Taylor

Pam Doss

Ron Schunck (3rd donation!!)

Michael Aiken

Jenny Crittenden

Team RaceBar/LaserShark (RaaACEBARRRR!!)

Sean Rhodes

Bob Sowell

Joshua Campbell

Gail Wilton (2nd contribution!)

Chris Thomas

John Baxter

David Long

Ann Lagonegro

David Wall

Robert Lundin

Doug Blount

Susie Marczika (awesome GBC Intern)

Sarah Harris

Shaun Baze

Tina Hutcheson


Colleen Baily (all the way from TX!)

Michael Meyer

Theresa Stewart Hupp

Katie Deehr

Matthew Couteret (2x Free pint for life!)

Scott Snyder (First lifetime mug club member!)

Jordan Owens

Diane and Mike Henry

Donna B. Andersen

Michele Harrison (2x Free pint for life!)

Erich Campbell

Katherine Haggerty

Lee McMillan

Wade Smith

Manly Frost

Michelle Frost

Christina Hilberg

Garrett D. Gregory

Paul Hellebrandt

Stephanie Hite (all the way from Seattle!)

Susan Ford

Kay and Todd Corr

Trina Bishop

Ron Schunck (4th donation!!)

Darren Shackleford -PUT US OVER THE TOP!!!

Nancy Yeager

Jim Mason

Gloria Williams

Jason Betzner

Justin Wilson

Jacob Callis

Mitchell Kent

Brook Thomas

Andy Nazak

Steven Gerard

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