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New Addition to our Team

Rosie Joins Globrewco!

At this year's Gloucester Arts Festival in May, 10 new bronze Seward Johnson statues made a temporary home along Gloucester's venerable downtown village.

Until August, we are fortunate to have lady pioneer, and World War II cultural icon, Rosie the Riveter outside our front door at the brewery. She joins us as our new taproom leader, as strong as her metal figure. Take a photo with the "Can Do!" sculpture and you will hardly recognize who is real and who is statue!

The Gloucester Courthouse Sculpture Hunt

For one more month you can enjoy a scavenger hunt the next time you make your way down Main Street. Find all ten life-sized sculptures between Boutetart Elementary School and Gloucester Brewing Company -- a mile long trail. Finish your long hike at the Gloucester Brewing Company with one of our refreshing seasonal beers on tap!

1. No, Mommy That One -- Botetourt Elementary School

2. Creating -- County Building #2

3. Monet -- Our Visiting Artist -- Historic Courthouse Circle

4. When Now Becomes Then -- Gloucester Museum of History

5. Weekend Painter -- Arts on Main

6. Sharing the Headlines -- Split Ends

Detours: Daffodil mural on the Silver Box Building by muralist "Ouizi";

Amy Bartlett Wright mural adjacent to Split Ends

7. Inner World, Outer World -- Tomlinson's

8. One Man's Search -- Yolanda's

9. My Dog Has Fleas -- Bangkok Noi

10. Can do! -- Gloucester Brewing Company

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